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Founded by CEO Filippo Gervasini – who has been active in the Ice & Snow industry for close to 20 years as for 2019 – ICE NOW has been establishing itself as a fast growing provider of turn - key solutions when it come to Ice & Snow FEC’s (Family Entertainment Centres), specializing in working with Shopping Malls.

Filippo Gervasini – Italian – Aged 43 – Started off in Malaysia in 2004, introducing the then first generation of synthetic ice rinks for malls. Please refer to this historical video of one of the launches of the then “Smart Ice Arena” the first of its kind artificial ice rink for leisure.

From 2009, we came up with the first generation of mobile ice rinks made for shopping malls: an easy and fast setup, silent machines to be placed indoor, a viable operational scheme. More than 50+ mobile rinks appeared in SE Asia in the decade to follow.

From 2012, our team in troduced another to - be revolutionary concept: the mobile snow for malls. As many more projects were rolled.

In the more recent years, under ICE NOW, our team, leveraging on the solid technical and operational know - how as well on network build over a decade with the industry key players, moved the business model from supplying products to supplying solutions.

Nowadays, ICE NOW is a truly unique company providing full solutions (“Turn - Key solutions”) for the new generation of Hybrid FEC with snow 2.0 in positive temperatures

From Conceptual Design to Detailed Design, from Theming Design to its execution, From attractions and equipment supply, to start up and operations consultancy.

As for 2019, Ice Now biggest and newest project consist of a 6,000+ square meters Hybrid Ice & Snow FEC, absolutely the first of its kind, that will open later in 2019 in the largest mall in Kuwait.

Ice Now has taken care of the project from scratch: from conceptual design, detailed design, technical DWG, equipment supply, theming design and supply. Ice now will also assist in the operations.

Our Team has an excellent knowledge of all rides & attractions, their application and implications for edutainment, thus we are able to assist our clients on all aspects.

The leading team is made of industry professionals from 08 countries, with proven solid experience and background in the respective field.

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Our team, led by CEO Filippo Gervasini, has been in the industry for 2 decades. Participated and attended to over 50+ industry exhibitions and events, having a built an extremely solid network.

Our team has conceptualized and created the first of its kind hybrid FEC combining an array of dry and wet concepts, rides and attractions.

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Our team

Out team is made of industry professionals from 8 countries, who combine years of experience with a creative spirit and the drive to make each project a true success.

Betty Lim
General Manager

A Malaysian-Chinese speaking 10 languages, Betty is in charge of managing our office, also looking after HR & Accounting, assisting in project costing and quantity surveys as well as liaison with our new Chinese Customers.

Filippo Gervasini

Pioneer in the Ice & Snow FEC for malls field, with close to 20 years of experience in Asia in Sales, Project Management & Operations. For 13 years in a row (and counting) active in IAAPA as supplier and operator of ICE & SNOW Attractions.

Tom Scheffer
Senior Consultant

As the former GM of a well known indoor snow attraction in Dubai, UAE, Mr Scheffer has an unique experience in the operation and development of indoor snow attractions. Over the last 20 years Mr Scheffer has designed, developed and operated 6 indoor snow facilities on 3 different continents.

Senior Designer

15+ years of experience in indoor FEC and water park Design, as well as museums.

Senior Architect

Stefano is responsible for the Detailed Design (DD) team and for theming design and related Drawings.

Project Manager

10+ years experience in fit- out works of retail in malls. Our liaison between Detailed Design Team and Client’s contractors.

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About 09
2006 - 2007

First Synthetic ice rink in Shopping Mall

Filippo Gervasini introduces the first mobile synthetic ice rink – called the smart ice arena – and launches in SE Asia in Malaysia. A huge success, followed by 25 more events in following 2 years.
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2008 & ONWARDS

Moving to natural (real) ice, then onto snow

First of its kind permanent ice rink in a new hotel.
Opened in 2009, and still up and running 10 years later (as for August 2019).

About 09
2009 & ONWARDS
Our team engineers and develop the first of its kind truly portable system to make natural (Real) ice in a mall. Fast and easy to install, the system is quickly deployed across a great deal of shows and events. 50+ projects follow in the following years.
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2009 & ONWARDS


Our team has worked on the ground, followed projects from design to implementation and operations, thus having a solid knowledge of technical and practical side of things: something of high value for ICE NOW’s new clients.
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The Snow Era Begins

Introduction of the first of its kind MOBILE snow a massive footfall increase for the mall operator, exceeding their expectations.
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The Mountain Thriller

The team of Ice Now and Majid Al Futtaim (Ski Dubai) joined forces to conceptualize and design the Mountain Thriller, a custom made dry ride integrated in a snow facility. The ride opened in 2016 and was replicated in Ski Egypt in Cairo (Egypt). Photos Courtesy of Majd Al Futtaim (Ski Dubai).
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First & Biggest permanent ice rink in Vietnam

Executed at the breaking-record speed of just 3 months in Royal City Mall, Ha Noi, Vietnam.
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Semi permanent full specs Olympic ice arena 1,800 SQM

Another special project, a full specs Olympic arena sized 1,800 Square meters built under a special structure in a car park of a mall. Semi permanent rinks of this size were never done before in the SE Region.
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From Products to Full Solutions
First Ice & Snow FEC in Mall (opened Q4/2019)

The business moves from selling products to selling turnkey solutions. Soon after, Ice Now sold the first of its kind indoor multi concept (ice + snow + rides). A 3,000 SQM located in a prime mall, completed October 2018.

About 12

Our team located in our Headquarters in Vietnam, supported by team members in Europe and the USA, conceptualizes, designs and creates these amazing projects ready for implementation across Asia and beyond.