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A good concept design, well laid and packed with novelties & activities is the key to success.
Our team comes from both rides manufacturing and supply as well as from operations: we know how to make a
center profitable.

We design stuff that is technically doable, at a reasonable cost.
The goal of our client is to have something new, every time different while, of course, return the investment in a
reasonable time. Welcome to ICE NOW!


  • #1Briefing by the client
  • #2Attraction and profit center
  • #3Conceptual Masterplan
  • #4Conceptual Visualization
  • #5Logo / Mascotte Creation
  • #6Presentation to Client
Concept Design block2

The first step in a project is visualization
Often, design companies create awesome finger-leaking renders
The question is: Can it be executed? How much will it cost? What is the ROI?
Our visuals always portrait something that can be executed.
We do not sell fantasy.
After all, our background is manufacturing & operations.

Above: Actual 3D model of our latest project: 3,500 SQM indoor ICE & SNOW FEC in Mall.
The project, due to open in September 2019 after 20 months of works, has been executed exactly as we designed it.
Refer to the PROJECTS section of our website for full brief on this project
Example of 6,000 Square meters ICE & SNOW F.E.C. with 15 attractions.
After initial session with Client, we will tailor the plan to suit the targeted age group and budget.
Example of zoning plan. The zoning plan translates ideas into actual space planning.

Public flow is created

8,000 Square meters Ice & Snow City with Last World Theme.
5,000 Square Meters Siberian Themed Ice & Snow F.E.C.
We design every single detail of the proposed project.

Do you have a location / A proposed project?

Send us a brief and the plan. Free preliminary consultation.