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We create the latest trend in
indoor cool amusement
World Class Concept Design – Detailed Design
Attractions Design and Supply – Theming – Start-up & Operations

We create the ultimate HYBRID FEC's

(Snow, Ice + Dry Attractions combo)

Featuring the latest (own developed) technology

  • Concept Design, Detailed Design, Technical Drawings

  • Technology & Equipment Supply, Theming Solutions

  • Operations & Start-up Support


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EXAMPLE OF BASIC 2,000 SQM FEC with 8 attractions

What is an HYBRID F.E.C.?

  • A format of F.E.C. that combines both wet & dry attractions
  • Featuring a multi-temperature environment
  • Financially viable & Technically feasible
  • Engineered by a team that has 20+ years of experience (Design, Supply & Operations)

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  • Choose from our selection of ready-made templates.
  • Projects can be executed in presence of columns and
    with lower tier ceilings.

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Watch the snow fun!

SNOW 2.0 - The future of indoor snow
Unprecedented snow quality in positive temperatures
Creamy, Fluffy, Playable

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The new multi function modular system

The outcome

Combine snow & ice attractions using ONLY 1 SYSTEM:
Save space, save power, save maintenance
The new generation of HYBRID F.E.C.'s from ICE NOW! Cool Fun



Our powder snow 2.0
(always in +C)

Dry snow. Creamy. Fluffy. Playable.

Other products

Look like ice balls, like those that falls from the sky during a thunderstorm. This is can be hazardous for kids.

7 reasons to choose us

  1. Strong passion for Snow, Ice & Leisure

    Our key people works in the snow industry for almost 20+ years.

  2. Best powder snow

    In positive temperatures available in the market. We are confident in what we say. Touch it, feel it, buy it.

  3. Continuous Innovation

    Our CEO was the pioneer of indoor snow playground for Malls & FEC, from 2010.
    Check our team background and references.

  4. Beyond technology

    Over the years, we moved from engineering and supplying products, to supplying solutions: nowadays we design and supply complete packages and formats. Furthermore, what we design is what can be built for real: no fantasy design or artist impressions.

  5. Experience in operations

    We are not just a supplier that want to sell equipment, or a designer that wants to sell services. We have operated Ice & Snow attractions as stand alone for a decade: we understand the challenges that our clients will encounter, and we address them beforehand.

  6. References

    We are open to let you talk with our existing clients, especially on the bigger project we have realized: they are our best business card.

  7. Focus on Asian Market.

    Our team is made of Europeans based in Asia. Our design center is in Asia, while our technology is fully engineered and made in Europe.

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