Detailed design will turn ideas into practical solutions.

Although detailed design arising from conceptual designed by us would be easier, we are also glad to work on client own ideas
client own ideas and design or from concepts created by others.

Detailed masterplan creation

Complete detailed design

General detailed design
of theming works

Attraction & rides theming
and integration

Sound & Light Design

Delivery of the total package
to the client

Example of preliminary plan.

Detailed design of all theming elements enables production shops drawings and placement

In details, Detailed Design can include up to:

  • Cross sections

  • Determination and description of materials

  • Determination of colors per material

  • Detailed design of all theming elements to enable to make production shops drawings and placement

  • Detailed design of all desks, computers

  • General painting plan: indication of to use colors per wall / item

  • Decorative painting: visualization and design of each wall / area

  • Signage: complete signage design for the public flow of the whole project

  • Pillars finishing: detailed principle drawings will be made per pillar to show the needed finishing and look

  • Complete furniture: tables, chairs will be selected, and tailor-made furniture will be detailed designed

  • Drinks and snacks counters (if any): will be detailed designed. Information on to be integrated catering
    materials will need to be supplied by the client via local suppliers

  • Safety fencing around the kids club and activities (if applicable) will be detailed designed

  • Queuing lines will be detailed designed if and where needed

  • Party rooms and kids theatre (if any) with decorations, will be detailed designed

  • Integration and connection between activities, attractions, and the theming will be detailed designed

  • Integration of check-in registration systems