Indeed, yes. Refer to our ongoing project where challenges were plentiful: columns, partially low ceiling, old slab that could not carry a lot of weight. We got tru all! 

And it’s coming up awesome. Contact us to book a guided tour of the new FEC.

It of course depends on size and complexity (new building vs renovation).

On average, the lead time is min 180 days / 6 months from conceptual to Detailed Design, Equipment supply, installation, theming if any, and commissioning.

Not at all. Not anymore.

Think about cars. Few years ago a car could run barely 10km with 1 liter of petrol.

Now, it can run 20 to 25. Why? Because technology has evolved, engines are more efficient, smaller, more silent. For this reason, we are able to place machines indoor, especially in tropical countries. They are smaller, more silent, more efficient.

The first of its kind of this project is being completed as for August 2019 and due to open in Q4/2019.  We are building several more.

The cost depends on several parameters such as the size, number and complexity of attractions, theming (3D vs 2D or combination of). 

2,000 Sqm and above. It can be done smaller but the cost effectiveness starts at 2,000 Sqm

An Hybrid FEC (Family Entertainment Centre) is a format whereby the latest Wet and Dry attractions are combined in a multi-zone temperature environment to achieve the ultimate customer feel and experience.

The FEC can also be build in a 1-zone positive temperature, not necessarily multi-temperature.

Ideally, this format is located in a Shopping Mall, although it can be built as a “stand-alone” facility.

Yes, indeed it is. Based our of water.
There are 3 types of snow and each one fits in its own environment.

A ). Snow in negative Temperature

The classic Snow Dome. Think of a world’s landmark such as #skidubai – Who does not know about it? This is a snow dome, the snow is made in negative temperature and produced OFF operation times (= at night). The technology is made for BIG sizes (>10,000 SQM). Investment is remarkable.

B). Snow in positive temperature (Powder snow)

 This is our format. As for 2019, technology has allowed us to produce POWDER SNOW in positive temperature, which is the future. (refer to comparison video in our Multimedia section to see the difference between our product and the ice flakes older technology)

C). Snow in positive temperature (Crushed ice)

This is a older technology, now outdated. This is clear from the comparison video.

Our powder snow: creamy, fluffy, playable. Quite different from crushed ice!

F.E.C. (or FEC) stands for Family Entertainment Centre. A family entertainment center (or centre), often abbreviated FEC in the entertainment industry (also known as an indoor amusement park or indoor theme park), is a small amusement park marketed towards families with small children to teenagers, and often entirely indoors

It is a place where people (usually a family with kids) heads for entertainment, namely for a nice outing together to have fun. When you last went to a shopping centre, you normally found a dedicated self enclosed area with attractions (rides, playgrounds, redemption games etc). 

That is called a classic dry F.E.C.